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Restaurant Equipment and Supplies: Commonly Overlooked Supplies and Equipment

When opening a restaurant, management will always think of the obvious items and restaurant equipment that are needed. These may include dishes, pots and pans, flatware, glassware, ovens, refrigeration, ice machines, and furniture. So many times these are ordered and then there are even more articles that were not ordered. Then everyone must scramble to get more funds appropriated for these very necessary but often overlooked items. Some of these may include:

Restroom Supplies
This category is one of the most overlooked. There are so many purchases that will need to be purchased for these small areas. Cleaners, deodorizers, paper towels, brushes, toilet paper, soap, mops, and mop buckets are just a few restaurant supplies that need to be provided for both customers and employees.

You will find that you probably underestimated the number of signs needed for the opening of your business. “Employees Only,” “Restroom,” “Do Not Enter,” and “No Smoking” signs are just a few that will be needed. Make a complete list with your staff’s assistance to make sure you purchase all of them at once.

Safety Supplies
This is a vital category that should be at the top of your list and includes such items as wet-floor signs, first aid kits, caution signs, rubber floor mats, and fire extinguishers.

Carts and Dollies
If you have one or two carts and a few dollies and think that you are all set, think again. Wars will break out over the use of this versatile restaurant equipment if you don’t get enough for both the kitchen and the waitstaff. Purchase both small and large carts for effective transportation of heavy items between different areas. Dollies can be used to move commercial kitchen equipment, large boxes, and bulky furniture if necessary.

You may have thought to purchase a few trashcans, but if you think you have enough, go out and buy more just to be on the safe side. Trashcans are necessary everywhere – in the restrooms, behind the wait station, in the kitchen (several), by the dishwasher area, and out on the back dock. And don’t forget to order the correct sizes of trash can liners for each type that you purchase.

As you can see, this list can be quite extensive depending on the business. Therefore it is important to make a complete list before dividing up the funds for the grand opening or re-opening event. One great method to avoid this problem is to walk through the entire restaurant supply store for last-minute reminders before making final purchases. Another suggestion is to get all employees involved in the last-minute details and needs of each department. You can always learn more at the Nella Cutlery website.