Off-the-shelf vs Custom Mascots: Which is better?
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Off-the-shelf vs Custom Mascots: Which is better?

You understand the importance of mascots and have decided to have one for your school or company. A custom mascot will help enhance team building spirit and make your name noticed. Having taken the decision to find mascot costumes, the only determent you probably have by now is the type of mascot costume to go for.

If you are wondering whether to go for a custom mascot or an off the shelf mascot, there are a few factors you can consider. How long will you want the costume to last? Who will be wearing the costume? What is your budget? Regardless of these factors, there are major differences between off the shelf mascot and custom mascots.


Mass-produced costumes leave you a few options unlike custom made costumes. As for custom mascots, you can individualize them to fit your school’s design and color. You do not need to worry that your competitor could also be having similar mascot customes.


Off the shelf, mascots are mostly made from materials of low quality so as to increase sales. Materials of poor quality are bound to degrade faster. As for customized mascots, you can choose the type of material you want on your costume.

Safety and comfort

A custom mascot is built considering the safety and the comfort of the performer in mind. When mascots are produced in large scale, they tend to have poor vision and ventilation. Such body suits may hinder proper mobility and flexibility. A custom made mascot from a reputable company will be both safe and of great design. Thus, it will be easy to wear, move in and take off.


With mass production of mascots, shortcuts have to be taken to minimize cost and maximize speed. For example, parts that should be sown by hand are only glued so as to fasten the process. With such production ethics, the costume is bound to tear much faster than it should have. On the other hand, custom mascots are made while paying close attention to the fine details such as quality. Such a costume can withstand prolonged use without losing its great look.

How to find inspiration for your custom mascot

Mascot character

Mascot character options are endless. You can create various characters such as an animal, an object, the company’s logo or even an object. When choosing the character, consider your target audience. A children’s product will go well with cartoon characters. Whichever the design you go for, make sure it conforms to your organization’s values and speaks to your target audience in an appropriate way.

Social media

The internet is a great place to find inspiration. You can look up various sites such as Pinterest to get ideas related to your theme. Also, consider the kind of mascots used by your competitors so that you create a unique one. A good source of information is the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website, which has more insights and resources available online.