How Can You Track the Status of a Courier Delivery
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How Can You Track the Status of a Courier Delivery

Using a courier for your local shipping needs is a great option to consider, and it is most commonly used for small business shipping needs and individual needs. Through courier services, you can expect to receive fast, friendly and often affordable service that includes the pickup and rapid delivery of your package. You may be accustomed to using the services a large shipping company for your delivery needs, and these larger companies are often used for interstate and international deliveries. With these companies, you can typically track the status of a shipment online or through an app. However, most courier services are offered by smaller companies, and you may be wondering how you can track the status of your package when you hire a local courier for assistance.

Look Online for More Information
While some courier services are provided locally through one-man operations, others are provided by larger companies that have a more significant infrastructure in place. If you are using one of the larger companies for courier services, you may be able to track your shipment’s progress online or by downloading an app. If these tracking services are not available, your courier’s website may have detailed information regarding how you can check on the status of a delivery with them. There is a great source of information available on the Flagship Courier Solutions website.

Get the Courier’s Phone Number
With smaller companies, the couriers are often agreeable to providing you with their phone number at the time of pickup. You must think ahead to obtain the phone number, or you may call the courier company’s main phone number to request it. This may allow you to speak or text directly with the courier who has your package in their possession, and you can get real-time information on its status and an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Call for Assistance
If you are working with a smaller company or an owner-operator business, there is a good chance that the courier who picked up your package is also the owner of the company. You may be able to call the company’s main number and reach the courier directly. If not, the receptionist answering the company’s phone may be able to check on the status and call you back with a quick update.

Hiring a courier is a great way to enjoy fast service for localized delivery needs. In most cases, a package may only be en route for a few hours at best when you use courier service, so you may also consider asking the recipient to notify you when they receive the package. Through these steps, you can keep tabs on the progress and delivery of your package.